Classic ASP Support

Many people still require classic ASP support for their website today, even though this is now quite an old language. Classic ASP (also known as ‘ASP’ which stands for Active Server Pages) is one of the first Microsoft server-side scripting langauges and to this day, many websites still need classic ASP support. ASP is a VB scripting language designed to compete with other similar technologies of this time such as PHP. ASP.NET is now a much fuller, richer framework which still allows developers to use classic ASP to this day.

How popular is Classic ASP in 2017?

You can do a Google search for filetype:asp to see just how many websites run Classic ASP (1.02 billion results at the time of writing). This means that many will still require ASP support in future. Microsoft have said they will continue to support Classic ASP “on Windows 8 for a minimum of 10 years from the Windows 8 release date.” so while it’s uncertain whether Microsoft will offer classic ASP support in the future, it certainly will be here for a while.

To give you an idea of just how popular, you can do a Google search for .asp pages like this to see how many sites Google has indexed (1.02 bln at the time of writing) which run Classic ASP.

Finding Classic ASP Developers

As a result, there are still some classic ASP developers around offering support, though they are probably not easy to find. We would be pleased to support your classic ASP website or software project, so if you are in need of help, why not get in touch?

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What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Classic ASP?

Classic ASP (Active Server Pages) can still be a very powerful and also flexible technology in which to develop websites. Being a scripted language, VB Script (the underlying code) is easy to modify and develop and requires only a simple text editor to make code changes. There are however, a few downsides to using Classic