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This is the Classic ASP development blog, covering topics around ASP development, support and maintenance.

ASP (sometimes now referred to as “Classic ASP” to distinguish it from ASP.NET) is the original Microsoft scripting language that is still in use to this day.

Despite it’s age, you can use all of Microsoft’s modern development tools when developing a website in Classic ASP including IIS (Internet Information Services).

A surprising amount of ASP development is still needed, despite this being a relatively old language, meaning the requirement to continue to support, develop and enhance Classic ASP websites is still required.

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What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Classic ASP?

Classic ASP (Active Server Pages) can still be a very powerful and also flexible technology in which to develop websites. Being a scripted language, VB Script (the underlying code) is easy to modify and develop and requires only a simple text editor to make code changes. There are however, a few downsides to using Classic